Sunday, August 25, 2002

Six trade tax officials booked for action against Dalit

Parmindar Singh


On explicit instructions of the government, a case has been filed in the Vijay Nagar police station against six trade tax officials for allegedly barging into the house of a Dalit, looting his valuables and showering caste invectives on the inmates.

Ram Ratti, wife of Het Ram of Krishan Nagar Baggu, stated in her report last night that trade tax officers B. P. Singh, Sanjeev Rai, Sanjeev Mohan, V. Singh, R. K. Pandit and Manoj Tripathi had looted Rs 30,000, a gold ring, a cell phone and other valuables from her house on August 4. The officials had also allegedly used abusive language, beaten them up and taken Ram Ratti's son Raj Kumar along with them. Then, they had demanded some money for releasing him. Police sources said that this report had been registered on clear instructions from the government high-ups.

Significantly, the trade tax officials had on August 4 reportedly seized a truck which was transporting copper wires clandestinely. Following the seizure, the trade tax officials had registered a case in the Vijay Nagar police station against the owner of Tomar Transport Company and Het Ram's son Rajkumar and another transporter, Narinder, of Ferozabad. Both the accused had been sent to jail where they are still lodged.

According to some officials, who did not wish to be identified, the administration had allegedly pressurised the police to register a fudged case against the government officials simply because the accused happened to be a Dalit.

Source: The Tribune, August 25, 2002


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