Saturday, December 28, 2002

Hindu College warden resigns over caste violence

Saturday, December 28, 2002 (New Delhi):

The hostel warden of Delhi's Hindu College has resigned after three Dalit students were physically assaulted on its premises.

The incident took place over one week ago, and the hostel warden refused to take action. It took protests by students and teachers for the college to announce an inquiry into the incident.

Mritunjaya Kumar and Bharat Rohin were allegedly beaten through the night by their hostel mates because they are Dalit. Caste tensions have always simmered under the surface in Delhi University, only occasionally do they erupt.

For Mritunjaya who is also the hostel president the last week has been a battle to fight caste discrimination on one of India's better-known campuses. According to Mritunjay Kumar, President, Hindu College Hostel, "I was beaten badly. They said since the time you became college president you've made this college a Harijan institution."

When NDTV reached the campus, the authorities were unwilling to answer any uncomfortable questions. The boys allege that the warden had threatened them to lie to the police about what happened.

Hindu College Principal Kavita Sharma when contacted by NDTV said, "The warden was asked to leave for some time, so that the inquiry could be held in an unbiased manner. He has now resigned. The college will set up an inquiry committee to look into the incident."

Source: NDTV, December 28, 2002


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