Friday, November 07, 2003

'BJP was trying to pit the Dalits against the Muslims'

AHMEDABAD: Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee chief Shankersinh Vaghela has decided to begin the countdown to the completion of a year of Narendra Modi's government on December 22 by demanding answers from the BJP for some of the problems of the people which are pending.

Lambasting the government for "keeping the communal cauldron boiling", he said that in the stabbing incident at Shah-e-Alam, "instead of investigating the VHP's involvement the police arrested some innocent Dalits."

Further, he said that "in desperate efforts to win the Jamalpur elections, the BJP was trying to pit the Dalits against the Muslims."

About his tirade clock Modi's completion a year, he said the Congress would raise an issue everyday from November 21 till December 22, demanding answers from the government.

"If they are going to advertise about their achievements, then let them also give answers to our queries in those ads," he said.

Elaborating on his plans for the 'Laathi Sena', he said the modalities would worked out in a few days after meetings with senior Congress leaders.

"The 'sena' would comprise baton-wielding uniformed soldiers who would fight for the oppressed people." Asked if he had the high command's permission this issue, he said, "that is between me and the high command."

Source: The Times of India, November 7, 2003


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