Monday, December 01, 2003

Exploring the travails of Dalits

A novel Dalit Padum Paadu written by Dr Savitri Viswanathan and Dr Anandi Ramanathan, a translation of classical Japanese novel Hakai ((Ten Commandments) was released by Ryuzo Kikuchi , Consul General of Japan in Chennai recently. Savitri and Anandi said that they chose to translate Shimazaki Toson's classic Hakai, because the Japanese novel had a lot in common with India's social structure.

The novel explores a theme that has haunted the country for decades - untouchability. The novel was more on fighting an unjust system and winning it and the sacrifices one should make along the way.

The function was presided over by noted Tamil scholar Solomon Pappiah.

Earlier, Raj Gauthaman, who introduced the novel said 'the struggles for self-emancipation of downtrodden and marginalised people all over the world, including Eta of Japan and Dalits of India are fundamentally the same'.

Source: News Today, December 1, 2003


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