Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Aid sought for Arwal victims

PATNA: Several political parties have condemned the killing of innocent persons at Pariyaribigha village of Arwal district by the private army of landlords, Ranvir Sena, and declared that it simply reflected the government's failure to tame the extremists in the state. The parties also termed the killings as slur on humanity.

CPM secretary Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi said that the party vehemently condemned the inefficiency of the police administration and their tacit connivance in patronising the marauders in the state.

Vidyarthi demanded that the victim Dalit families be given adequate compensation, besides a government job to one of the dependants of each victim.

He also appealed to all the Left parties to fight unitedly against such criminal elements.

BJP state spokesperson Kiran Ghai said that what has become more ridiculous is the fact that Dalits were subjected to more violence and atrocious treatment than anybody else in the state where the government claims that it is the "messiah of Dalits".

She stated that a team of the BJP, led by leader of opposition Sushil Kumar Modi, would soon leave for Pariyaribigha village to ascertain the cause of killings.

Pradesh Congress spoke-sman H K Verma said that party chief Ram Jatan Sinha, in a telephonic message from Sheikhpura, squarely blamed the inefficiency of the police which resulted in killing of Dalits and demanded Rs 5 lakh to the kith and kin of the victims as compensation.

CPI-ML New Democracy stated that while the poor backward and Dalits are fighting against exploitation and oppression and trying to assert their just rights as equal human beings, the feudals in association with the administration are massacring and attacking them through their private armies like Ranvir Sena.

CPI state secretary Jalaluddin Ansari questioned the functioning of the state government saying, "how come the Ranvir Sena which has already been banned in the state is still operating with ferocity." He appealed to the people to give a befitting rebuttal to the incompetent state government by making the proposed Bihar bandh on January 7 a great success.

Mazdoor Kisan Sangrami Parishad (Bihar) has in a statement demanded the closure of Ganiyari police camp near Pariyaribigha village as it was set up to provide security cover to the Ranvir Sena. Indian Federal Democratic Party stated that the killing was a challenge to the state government. It also demanded compensation for the victims' family.

Source: The Times of India, January 6, 2004


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