Monday, January 19, 2004

Dalits protest prejudice at WSF

Anti-globalisation activists who have gathered in Mumbai for the World Social Forum have rallied for an end to discrimination against minority groups, such as those born into the Dalit caste in India.

Dalits occupy the lowest rung in the Hindu caste system, and, despite affirmative action policies for the past few decades, they still find it hard to move up.

Dalits have marched through the streets of India's financial capital with their feet chained to symbolise oppression.

In Bihar, a poverty-stricken and lawless state in India's north, caste disputes have accounted for more than 5,000 deaths in the past decade.

Around 100,000 delegates from around the world have converged upon Mumbai, previously known as Bombay, for the annual forum, which this year includes seminars on racism, caste and labour.

Source: World News, January 19, 2004


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