Sunday, February 15, 2004

Acid attack on dalit family in Bihar

Sunday, February 15, 2004 (Patna):

The hospital in Bihar's Madhubani district has been treating the victims of a horrific attack for the past four days.

Nine members of a Dalit family were injured in an acid attack, three of them very seriously.

The injured are from Raghepura village and include four women and a three-year- old child. The attack on the poor family came after an internal dispute.

"When my father tried to save, they threw acid," said Guria Kumari, victim.

No hope for justice

But the chances of justice being served to the victims are very slim as over four days after the incident, no police complaints have been registered so far.

The perpetrators succeeded in intimidating the Dalit family, as they were neither willing to register a police case nor talk to the media about it.

This kind of backlash in minor disputes is not rare in Bihar, especially when Dalits are involved. And in this case, with no FIR being filed, one cannot even hope for justice to be served.

Source: NDTV, February 15, 2004


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