Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Uproot Hinduism, says PW

Hyderabad, Oct. 13: People’s War Group State secretary Ramakrishna on Wednesday said that uprooting Hinduism would provide a solution to social ills. Asked whether the PWG would agree with Ambedkar’s philosophy of uprooting Hinduism, Ramakrishna said Hinduism was being nurtured by feudals and overthrowing these forces would automatically lead to Hinduism being rooted out.

He said, “We will deal with it in our own fashion and we will achieve the goal.” The issue would not figure in the agenda in the talks with the government. But his stand became a sticking point when it seemed as if he was positioning the PWG as the sole saviour of the Dalits.

Advocate Sobha Rani asked if the PWG would support Mulayam Singh, Lalu Prasad, Kanshi Ram and others who are working for the poor, Ramakrishna replied: “They too belong to the same exploiting class.” Sobha Rani retorted: “Do you criticise even Kanshi Ram and Mayawati? I am not satisfied with your answer. I will not stay here for a moment,” and walked out. Asked to comment on the PWG’s criticism of Ambedkar as “liberal bourgeois”, Ramakrishna said the PW differed with Ambedkar on ideological basis as he supported a bourgeois Constitution. He, however, refused to go into further details.

Ramakrishna was replying to questions at an interactive session by representatives of scheduled caste, scheduled tribes, backward classes and minority organisations. Senior PW leader Sudhakar and Janashakti leader Riyaz besides balladeer Gaddar and PW emissary Kalyana Rao were also present.

Land is the issue
Ramakrishna maintained that the government would resort to statistical jugglery on the availability of land for distribution to the poor. He said the government would be asked to set up an independent commission to make a detailed survey of lands and appoint people who were acceptable to all and would discharge their duties in a democratic manner.

The PWG secretary said the talks process would also expose the government’s sincerity in addressing people’s problems in the “cosmetic” democratic set up. “We will ask the State to implement its assurances, which it claimed to have made in the framework of Constitution,” he said adding that reservation in private sector and punishing the people responsible for the carnage of Dalits at Karamchedu and Chundur would fall in this category.

Talks will be recorded
Talks between the State government and top Naxal leaders to be held in the board room of Marri Channa Reddy Human Resources Development Institute from Friday will be recorded with video cameras.

Home Minister K Jana Reddy has issued orders to the Police Department to make arrangements for the talks. Mediapersons will be briefed in the MCRHRD auditorium at the end of the day. Sources said the department was asked to make arrangements for 30 persons to be present in the board room during the talks.

Source: Deccan Chronicle, October 13, 2004


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