Monday, November 08, 2004

Family chains two teenaged Dalit girls

AN INFLUENTIAL family reportedly chained their domestic help Kiran (15), hailing from a Dalit family of Kot Khalsa, and another Dalit girl Sonu for several hours on charge of “stealing” their foreign-breed dog.

The family chained both the girls in their palatial house just opposite the Khalsa College here before setting them free since they could not extract from them any information regarding the missing dog, it was learnt.

"I approached the landlord to release my daughter but he misbehaved and assaulted me also,” said Veena, mother of Kiran.

The aggrieved family approached Islamabad police station officials, who allegedly did not act on time. Even as the police dilly-dallied, a self-styled “locality president” Seeta Gill sprang into action and effected a compromise on Saturday.

It was charged that though a huge sum of money had changed hands in ensuring that the landlord was not hauled up for the incident, the victim’s family was not given even a penny. “We want stringent action against the accused but we are too poor and helpless to pursue the case against the landlord,” said Veena. While the SSP could not be contacted for comments, an official posted at Islamabad police station maintained that they were willing to take action but the complainant withdrew the complaint.

Source: Hindustan Times, November 8, 2004

Doesn't the influential family have a name? The reporter (and/or the editor) seems to have no scruples revealing the identity of the victims, but the perpetrators, of course, need to have their privacy protected. Why such caste/class bias in reporting?


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