Monday, November 01, 2004

Re: Break caste system by inter-marriage

One way the government could break the caste system is by inviting the so-called lower caste people to change their last names to higher caste ones and offer them a financial incentive as well (for example, Rs. 1000 for each change of last name--allowed only once). Soon, in Bengal, one can expect a huge increase in people with last names such as Chatterjee and Banerjee. In this way, the transformation in society (with regard to caste attitudes) can be achieved faster than inter-marriage. This caste business is disgusting and India needs to do more to dump it.

Gautam Kar

Source: The Statesman, November 1, 2004

This seemingly innocent and well-meaning comment reveals the caste-bias of the writer (Gautam Kar). Why should the lower castes change their last-names to upper-caste names and not the reverse? Shouldn't the onus be on the upper/oppressor castes to shed off their caste tags?


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