Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Reservation in private sector is to give justice to dalits

Chennai: The proposed job reservation in private sector for backward communities should be treated as a compensatory policy for loss of jobs in PSUs after the economic liberalisation and privatisation policies, Planning Commission member Bhalchandra Mungekar said today.

"Reservation in private sector is to undo the damage done to the dalit communities over the last many decades. Nothing is more foolish than to presume that reservation will bring in inefficiency," Mungekar said in his address at the third ONGC Endowment Lecture at the University of Madras here.

Stating that there was no constitutional barrier for implementing reservation policy for private sector, he pointed out that thousands of jobs were lost in the public sector after the privatisation of PSUs and cost cutting exercise.

Mungekar, who handles education, labour and employment, social justice, and tribal affairs at the Planning Commission, said reservation should be considered as a means to provide "level playing field" for SC/ST communities to come into the social mainstream of the country.

He recalled how Indian companies sought level playing field to compete the might of MNCs and transnational companies during the opening up of the economy. Similarly, the SC/ST and the tribal communities need a level playing field to come into the social, cultural and political mainstream of the country.

Source: PTI, December 14, 2004


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